From What would happen if you combined a timekeeping app with a barcode scanner? You would have the most useful manufacturing tool ever invented! Guess what? Standard Time® did it!

Here’s how it works: 1. Add a barcode to your work orders and products 2. Scan them through the manufacturing process 3. Run a Standard Time® report to see how much time was spent

You’ll instantly see: 1. Time spent per piece 2. Time spent per project 3. Time for each task 4. And time for each employee

And now that you can measure it, you can improve it! 1. Reduce cost per piece 2. Reduce manufacturing project time 3. Measure employee effectiveness

Standard Time is the manufacturer’s best tool. Download and try it today!

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New functionality

  • No new functionality


  • No Improvements

Bug fixes

  • Attempted to fix SQL “deadlock” error for slow network connections

New functionality

  • Special option: “SMT” to allow scanning multiple tasks with the same name
  • Display total hours for select time logs in lower-right corner of main window
  • Added new replacement TAGs for SQL scripts, for use in queries


  • Web Edition: Added more capabilities to BOM management (add, del, qty)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed “Approve timesheets” miscalculated “Hours” column value
  • Fixed submit timesheets to use pay period dates instead of 7-day dates
  • Fixed subreport “Grow vertically” bug where long text overwrote text below it

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