New functionality

  • Added “Order” property to project tasks
  • Added “Can log time script” to projects


  • Update inventory “Qty in stock” when any location quantity is updated
  • Check project “Can log time script” before checking project task script
  • Used a multi-line dropdown property for Projects “Description”
  • Search opens all folders in “filter tree” where results are found
  • Added “Stop timer” to project task context menu when running for task

Bug fixes

  • Fixed repeated auto-filter labels, like “TOP 500”
  • Fixed exception “Cannot access a disposed object” for RoundedTextBox
  • Fixed “Assign to users” dropdown losing assignments when clicked


This video introduces the idea of scanning inventory on the shop floor for manufacturing with Standard Time®. Specifically, you see the gentleman scanning steel plates in a fabrication shop. It is unclear whether he is adding to inventory as he lays them on the rack or deducting from inventory. In either case the scans are almost identical. When you scan to deduct them from stock for use on the shop floor you will get a time stamped record of the event. So, you’ll know how much inventory was consumed and when it was consumed.

We’re trying to add a little sound proofing to the recordings but you still hear an echo. So hey, it is what it is and we hope this video will inspire you to try scanning inventory on the shop floor with Standard Time. In addition to employee time tracking for job status.


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New functionality

  • Cloud: Added “File, Options, Display Toaster Messages” for settings
  • Cloud: Added “File, Options, Clear Barcode Values” for settings
  • Added “Tap To Start” panel to Scan Barcodes page


  • Added “Database column” to the default columns for “Custom columns” page
  • Added “Unknown” and “No field type” to “Field type” dropdown property
  • Project QtyBuilt is now automatically calculated from summation of Tasks.Qty
  • Project task QtyBuilt is calculated from summation of Tasks.Qty
  • Fixed “File is in use by another program” after emailing exported files

Bug fixes

  • Fixed exception when adding custom columns
  • Fixed exception when clicking on “Field type” column header
  • Fixed incorrect description for “Field type” property
  • Cloud: Fixed “Prompt For Value” dialog won’t reappear if “X” was clicked
  • Fixed menus: “Scheduled Imports” and “Scheduled Exports”
  • Fixed Custom fields “View type” filter choice for “Time log”

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