New functionality

  • No new functionality


  • Initialize some script values when new records are created

Bug fixes

  • No Bug fixes




New functionality

  • Added “Qty built” property to projects
  • Added “Qty built” property to project tasks


  • Renamed project “Quantity” property to “Qty”
  • Web Edition: Added prompt rule checks, including “rule script” checks

Bug fixes

  • Fixed “Arithmetic overflow error converting to int” error using improved SQL query
  • Fixed exception when creating a new expense when a project is selected
  • Fixed exception when creating a new custom column without a property name
  • Fixed MS Access “CONVERT” exception in Projects and Project Tasks pages


Meet Jax Web Developer And jazzed up on Standard Time® Ask Jax Define Task Finish Date: That critical must-meet date On every task That everyone ignores But the project manager In Standard Time, that means Finish-to-Start linking Task warnings and shutoffs Notifications to keep things tight Jax wants to know How do you compute Task finish dates In Standard Time?

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