Is your project giving you a headache? Be careful what you ask for. You might lose your spine in the bargain.

This project manager just needed a little advice. He needed ST to keep his project on track. But he almost got a little more than he asked for.

Don't let this happen to you.

Take two asprin and call me in the morning.



Patient: I think you are next. That door right there.

Project Manager: Just a little headache is all my project is on life support.

Doctor: I’m not a therapist but I could take out your spleen.

Project Manager: No, it’s my project. I never assigned tasks to employees they just work on whatever they think is fun. They blew past the budget in the first month and I have another year to go. That’s giving me a splitting headache.

Doctor: I understand. Let’s have a look at that spinal cord, I can have it out in an hour.

Project Manager: This is just my yearly checkup and it’s just a headache.

Doctor: Yes, but I like to go the extra mile. Plus I had nothing else planned today.

Project Manager: I feel fine except my project is giving me fits. Employees are camping out on the fun tasks and ditching the crap. I need a good project tracker.

Doctor: Still, could be your spinal cord. Let’s get that puppy out.

Project Manager: I think we’re done here.

Receptionist: Looks like your doctor has a big day planned.

Project Manager: Let’s skip that I have to get back to the zoo. Get it? I manage the company projects.

Receptionist: Using Standard Time®?

Project Manager: Never heard of it.

Receptionist: Then you’re sunk.

Project Manager: What would you know?

Receptionist: Evidentially more than you.

Project Manager: All right genius. What is Standard Time?

Receptionist: Only a project tracking savior.

Project Manager: Will it save my skin?

Receptionist: Go out to

Project Manager: What is that? A disease site?

Receptionist: Standard Time dope. I used to be a project manager before I wised up and got this gig.

Project Manager: Whatever.

Receptionist: All right. You’re all scheduled for surgery. The doctor will see you again now.


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