When your project is government funded, you can pretty-much do whatever you like. Or so this construction foreman and boss believes.

But in reality, project budgets, project schedules, time tracking, and expense tracking matter. You either do them, or they do you. That why this timesheet exists. It has enough project management to handle most issues, but isn't one of those 'million dollar implementations' that breaks the bank and confuses everyone who tries to use it.

For instance, you have task warnings that pop up when too much time has been entered. Andemail notifications when projects are approaching their budgets. And project triangles that illustrate the health of each project. Those are practical PM features you can use ever day.

But hey... if your project isn't going so well, try bringing in circus entertainers. Everybody will love you.  :)



Boss: You buried a front loader and left it there till spring? That was on rent for 50 grand a day.

Foreman: It may still be there but whatever… We needed something to fill the hole.

Boss: I gave you Standard Time® for your projects. Did you track your time and budgets?

Foreman: I gave everyone a 10 week paid vacation and brought in another crew. But a shoring box collapsed on them. So I hired more to replace the cripples. Now we have jousting matches with the boring machines.

Boss: Are you still using the track hoe as an amusement ride?

Foreman: The guys all love it. It got 900,000 views on YouTube.

Owner: I wish I had 50 foreman like him. He brings in snake charmers and everybody loves it when they get bit.

Boss: Are you crazy? Standard Time says your project ends in 2085 and it’s 19 Trillion over budget.

Owner: What’s Standard Time?

Boss: Your project software. Look at your computer. Standard Time www.stdtime.com

Owner: Relax its all government funded anyway.

Boss: He says you can bring in the circus entertainers anytime. eye roll


YouTube time management cartoon playlist








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