Using Standard Time® in manufacturing? Here's how to create a QuickBooks® invoice from time and materials. Start with a client. Log some time and materials with barcodes on the shop floor. Create an internal invoice in ST. Then export it to QuickBooks Online®.


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From Most people view timesheets by the week. Seven days. Usually Monday through Friday, plus the weekend. But did you know that the Standard Time® timesheet can show an entire pay period? Let’s say you have two pay periods per month. One is from the 1st of the month through the 15th, and the other is the 16th through the end of the month. Would you like to see all the days in those pay periods, rather than just one week?

Now you can. Create any pay period date ranges you like, and the timesheet will automatically use them.

Employees can switch between ‘weekly view’ and the full pay period. They can also submit timesheets for pay periods.

Want to try pay periods in your timesheet? Download Standard Time now!


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New functionality

  • Scheduled scripts, run scripts on a recurring basis, save and email results


  • Added User properties for QuickBooks employee, customer, payroll type
  • Disallow barcode task switching when there are Required scans at the end
  • Set default mileage rate to $0.67 for 2024
  • Added more default columns to scheduled imports, exports, reports

Bug fixes

  • Update project task actual work when time logs are assigned to new task
  • Cloud: Fixed custom date range incorrect cookie value
  • Fixed error when clicking on Expenses “Tax” header to sort column

Get manufacturing job status from shop floor barcode scans. Employees scan barcodes and you get up-to-the-minute job status. Where is your job? Who touched it last? What's next? When will it ship? Those questions are all answered by WIP.

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