Tracking Time and Materials on the Shop Floor

From We’ve talked a lot about time and materials in Standard Time® in other videos. It is in fact the primary purpose of Standard Time. In addition to work order tracking, project management, slotting jobs for production, employee availability and so on. Let’s take a look at the actual time and materials records in Standard Time.

We’ll start by going to the Time Logs icon in the Home (All Views). Double click on a record, you see the properties on the right-hand side. Each record has a start/stop time, actual work, sometimes a quantity and those are traceable back to the original employee, project, task and activity and so on. Same sort of thing with Expenses; double click on a record, you see the properties on the right, same sort of thing. You’ve got the time stamp, amount and traceability back to the original employee/client project and so on.

How do these records actually get into Standard Time? Well, in the case of Time Logs, you could start by clicking the plus symbol in the upper-left corner and enter a time log manually. Or you could scan project and task barcodes on the shop-floor to start and stop a timer. Or you could enter time directly into the timesheet.

Same sort of thing with expenses, you’ve got the plus symbol here to create a new expense record manually. Or scan inventory and expense templates on the shop-floor. You may see these time and expense records organized in the timesheet by Monday-Sunday columns. Or you could view them on a daily bases with the calendar or shown in a chart by time period. Same sort of thing with the expense calendar; shown on a daily bases or on the expense chart by period.

Did you notice that each of the views can have a different filter criteria to guard against especially long lists that are useful for no one? In this case I could go to the filter tree, choose a project and then go to a completely different view and choose a different project. Now each of the views is filtered by a different project and has a different list. You’ll also notice that sometimes views are auto filtered. Again, to guard against those exceptionally long list.

Consider going out and taking a look at the video on scanning barcodes on the shop-floor to start and stop a timer. And give these plus buttons a try to enter new time and expense records into Standard Time.

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