Time Off Accruals


From http://www.strdtime.com Here is a little tip for your Human Resources manager! Time Off accruals in Standard Time®. You know… for vacation, sick, personal time. Standard Time is more than a timesheet. It accrues time for PTO and other time off reasons. And, employees can submit time off requests for vacations and other things. Managers approve them. Time is subtracted from their bank of hours. Employees get time off. And everybody is happy!

Did you know Standard Time even computes compensatory time? Otherwise known as comp time?

And even has customizable time off reasons that employees see in their timesheets?

1. Eliminate your time off management nightmare

2. Keep managers in the loop and up to date

3. Keep employees happy!

Send this link to your human resources manager and tell them you liked it. Then download and show them how it works!

See more at: http://www.strdtime.com


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