ST2023 Update 11-10-23

New functionality

  • Cloud: Added “File, Options, Display Toaster Messages” for settings
  • Cloud: Added “File, Options, Clear Barcode Values” for settings
  • Added “Tap To Start” panel to Scan Barcodes page


  • Added “Database column” to the default columns for “Custom columns” page
  • Added “Unknown” and “No field type” to “Field type” dropdown property
  • Project QtyBuilt is now automatically calculated from summation of Tasks.Qty
  • Project task QtyBuilt is calculated from summation of Tasks.Qty
  • Fixed “File is in use by another program” after emailing exported files

Bug fixes

  • Fixed exception when adding custom columns
  • Fixed exception when clicking on “Field type” column header
  • Fixed incorrect description for “Field type” property
  • Cloud: Fixed “Prompt For Value” dialog won’t reappear if “X” was clicked
  • Fixed menus: “Scheduled Imports” and “Scheduled Exports”
  • Fixed Custom fields “View type” filter choice for “Time log”

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