Boss learns why her project sucks

Irritated boss learns why her project sucks. And learns about Standard Time® for the first time. The time tracking app that makes people happy and not sad. Who uses it? Consultants, project managers, manufacturing, and companies that just need an employee timesheet.

Boss: Why does our project suck?

Employee: Maybe because you’re the boss? {slap} Seriously, do you know how long any of your tasks take?

Boss: No.

Employee: How much admin time.

Boss: Whatever.

Employee: Ever track employee hours?

Boss: Man, are you a bore!

Employee: Got your answer. {push} Try Standard Time®.

Boss: What’s Standard Time?

Employee: A time tracking app. Don’t you know anything? {slap} Why don’t you download it?

Boss: From where?


Boss: Whatever.

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